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Lynn Job

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Lynn Job

15 ASCAP Awards
for concert music

vocal | instrumental
electronic & mixed media

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New Jersey

"Lynn Job writes profoundly spiritual music, beautiful to listen to.
. . . If you're in a position to do so, order or commission something!
Expect something wonderful!"

-- William Vollinger, composer

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Compositions by Lynn Job
have been heard in distinguished performance halls
and galleries, and at invitational festivals
such as . . .
(just a sample):

The Hall of the Composers' Union of Ukraine (featuring The Ukrainian Quartet, Kiev); • Würzburg Days of New Music (Tage der Neuen Muzik Würzburg) (Germany); • The Janácek Music Academy of Music and the Performing Arts (Brno, Czech Republic); • Ars Musica - Gasthaus zum Hirschen (Aub, Germany); • International Summer Music Festival of Provence (France); • Galerie Teo Libardo & Voix de la Méditerranée - Poetry Festival (Lodéve, France); • Hebrew University (Jerusalem); • Church of Jakob's Ladder (Prague, Czech Republic); • Live Wires (The University of Sydney); • A*DEvantgarde Festival (Königsplatz München & Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Munich, Germany); • Loop Video Festival - Ink the Sky (Barcelona, Spain); • Sonic Art Oxford (Oxford, England); • Amadeus Centre (Little Venice, London); • Stratford Circus Theatre (London); • Folkwang University of the Arts (Essen, Germany); • University of Bremen (Germany); • KiBar, KILBA Multimedia Center (Maribor, Slovenia); • Congress for the Humanities & Social Sciences (Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada); • NYC Dance Parade & Dance Fest (New York City); • International Computer Music Conference (Electronic Music Foundation & Stony Brook University, NY); • Collective: Unconscious (Tribeca, New York); • Jan Hus Presbyterian Church (New York series); • Princeton University Chapel; • Philadelphia Cathedral (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania); • Oberlin Conservatory of Music (Ohio); • Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art (Missouri); • Galapagos Art Space (Brooklyn); • Christian Fellowship of Art Music Composers (National Conference, Indianapolis); • Lawrence Memorial Chapel (Appleton, Wisconsin); • The Memorial Church (Harvard); • Chapel of St. John the Divine (Urbana-Champaign, Illinois); • Eisenmann Center (Richardson/Dallas); • The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth (Texas); • The Chelsea Art Museum (New York); • Long Island Composers Alliance/NACUSA (The Hewlett-Woodmere Library); • Elizabethton Choral Club (Tennessee); • The College Music Society (South-Central conferences); • The Kentucky New Music Festival (John Jacob Niles Center for American Music - Lexington); • The Electronic Midwest Music Festival (EMM); • Midwest and International Tours by Vox Novus 60x60 (NYC); • Mission Church (Boston); • All Hallows Episcopal Church (Wyncote, PA); • Women Composers SHOWCASE (Sigma Alpha Iota Philanthropies, Jersey City); • Southern College (Birmingham); • Lewis University (Romeoville); • St. David's Episcopal Church (Austin); • OUTSOUND New Music Summit (San Francisco); • numerous student, faculty, & guest recitals at the largest schools of music in the USA (University of North Texas, University of Illinois, University of Indiana); • Catlett Music Center (Norman, Oklahoma); • Art Gallery (Grand Valley State University, Michigan); • Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater (Denton, Texas); and • various other venues & locales within: County Clare (writer-in-residence, Ireland), Bayreuth (Germany), Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, San Antonio, Sacramento (visiting composer-in-residence), University of Central Oklahoma (visiting composer-in-residence), Houghton (New York), St. Louis, Kansas City. Public TV broadcasts include: Cambridge Community TV (CCTV, Ch9 - Massachusetts); HEC-TV (St. Louis, Missouri). Public Radio broadcasts include: Baylor University, Amherst University, Goddard College, Columbia University, Outermost Radio (WOMR, Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts). Independent Media broadcasts such as: CFAMC webcasts; Explore American Music (AMC on-line, New York); ASCAP Radio; UNT College of Music webcasts; and more -- around the world.


Lynn Job has fulfilled many commissions and requests for original works since 1975
-- including for individuals, ensembles and institutions,
such as (just a sample):

- Europe -

  • The Horns & Hands Duo (Würzburg, Germany); Due Solisti (Prague, Czech Republic & New Jersey); 60x60 Dance (London) (United Kingdom); conductor/pianist Anita Kamien (Jerusalem, Israel), Quartetto Image (Italy: Petrocchi, Cingolani, Troiani, Campitelli, flutes)

    - United States -

  • East Coast: Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington D.C. | The New Lullaby Project (Aaron Larget-Caplan, guitarist); New Trumpet Music Project (CCAC & International Trumpet Guild, & Colby Cooman); Memorial Church Harvard composer-in-residence, conductor & organist Carson Cooman; Robert Voisey, Vox Novus -- 60x60 Project; The Christy/Davila Duo; Dr. Susan Rider (of The President's Own U.S. Marine Band); marimbist Dr. Ryan Smith (Athens, Georgia); marimbist Dr. David M. Wolf (Reston, Virginia); marimbist Dr. Michael Lasley (Greensboro, North Carolina); Woods Walker Commissioning Consortium (Massachusetts/Texas management: 8 performers enrolled, solo marimbists)

  • West Coast: California | Westminster Community Theatre; soprano Karen Hall (of the Mirage Ensemble); various Orange County churches & schools; violinist Hubert Pralitz; California State University (Sacramento and Fullerton); trumpeter Paul Simmons; flutist Alice Lenaghan; Lifting the Veil (women composers series)

  • Central: Arkansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas, South Dakota | VIOLA BY CHOICE (Dr. Aurélien Pétillot, Austin); Meadows School of the Arts (Southern Methodist University-Dallas); McLennan Community College (Waco); Hillcrest Church of Dallas Orchestra; The College Music Society South-Central; NOVA Ensemble and Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia (CEMI) (UNT, Denton); violinist Julia Bushkova; violist Jason Lim; trumpeter Griffin Goodman; saxophonists Richard D. Smiley & Dr. Frank Heidlberger (also of Germany); Denton Community Theatre; Egan Studios (percussionist Lora Egan, University of Sioux Falls); percussionist Dr. Aaron Ragsdale (South Dakota State University, Brookings); The University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond: cellist Tess-Remy Schumacher (also of Cologne, Germany), The Jubilantly Job! Music Festival; percussionist Chalon L. Ragsdale (University of Arkansas-Fayetteville); marimbist Jeff Sass (Blaine, Minnesota); percussionist Dr. Gregory Lyons (Louisiana Tech, Ruston, Louisiana).

  • and many more.

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  • Current Commissions/Requests IN WORK
    Works in progress

    Woods Walker
    (solo Marimba and Sound Track), international commissioning consortium membership (closed, eff: October 4, 2010)!
    Click | here | to support and VIEW samples and current updates -- published version will release from BMP.
    (premiere date = 3:00 p.m., November 11, 2010, PASIC Indianapolis, Dr. Aaron Ragsdale).

    Bally Brew (an Irish Whimsy)
    (rondo cappricco for alto saxophone & bodhrán), commissioned by saxophonist Richard D. Smiley (Texas)
    (premiere date | open).

    Rachel's Ben-Oni
    (Amaro for String Ensemble), requested by conductor Anita Kamien for the King David String Ensemble (Jerusalem, Israel)
    (date open).

    The Ninth Plague (contemporary ensemble)
    (concerto grosso for choirs, viola and ensemble), requested by Dr. Aurelien Petillot, Viola By Choice (USA)
    (date open).

    Clare - Ancient Morning
    (Picc./Flute & Harp with CD soundtrack), commissioned by The Christy/Davila Duo (New Jersey) | project under revision.
    (date open).

    Martagon's Embrace
    (Romanza for Two Pianos or 4 Hands), requested by Roger & Anita Kamien (Israel)
    (date open).

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