Buckthorn Studios Education Series
Conversations on Music

Instructor, Dr. Lynn Job (2009)

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Conversations on Music: the Good, Bad, & Holy | Creators/Eras/Styles
Enrollment: Two 8-lecture sessions per year (semi-monthly), Spring and Fall (since 2009)
NOTE = Instructor currently on Sabbatical

Local Venue | World Class

UNT College of Music
Murchison Performing Arts Center

MPAC WEB | here |
1200 North Texas Blvd., Denton, TX 76201
Box Office 940-369-7802

Safety Briefs . . .

85 decibels
= European limit
on-going research!
--reports, tips & news--
(please confer with
a real music doctor)

UNT's Texas Center for
Music & Medicine
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National Hearing
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Perf. Medicine | Here |
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Recommended Texts . . .

Dr. Roger Kamien
MUSIC: An Appreciation
| book |
(9th ed. w/ Basic CD set)

Dr. P. Kavanaugh
The Spiritual Lives of Great Composers
(1992, ISBN 0-917143-08-6)

FREE study scores
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Recommended Video . . .

Great Composers
BBC TV Series on 7 DVDs (1997)
ex = ISBN: 0-7697-8391-0
(7 composers, 1 sample below)
Distributed by KULTURE | Puccini |

Want to compose?
View lessons by
Thomas Goss @ YouTube Channel OrchestrationOnline

This non-accredited, music appreciation series Conversations on Music is free to the public (registration required).
All ages welcome, children must be in the company of a parent. The presentation is in English, with some foreign-language films now and then.
No tests, no material expenses, no grades -- just enjoy the multi-media topics, make friends, enrich your culture.
If you truly love music, we get serious about sound--how it is made, why it is made, and who makes it.

This class is produced by Buckthorn Studios Education Services and private patrons

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Instructor membership - American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP)
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