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Lynn Job - Doctor of Musical Arts

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Music Topics Tutoring
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  • Music History, Music Appreciation
  • Music Composition, Music Theory
  • Music Business, Career Promotion
  • History of Music Notation, Applied Music Notation
  • Orchestration, Arranging
  • Copyright - the many challenges
  • Stage Movement, Public Speaking
  • Interviewing and Arts Journalism
  • Conducting
  • Intro to Audio Technology
  • Must be 18 years or older, unless accompanied by guardian.

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    -- College Liberal and Fine Arts Students: I will not author your assignments,
    but I can tutor your course skills and broaden your knowledge/understanding.
    I can help you avoid academic dishonesty and sharpen your confidence.

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    CANCELLATIONS & REFUNDS | Instructor Policy.

    Student cancellations with less than 24 hours notice result in forfeiture of the total session fee. Otherwise, fees are refunded or the session is rescheduled (student's choice) subject to instructor availability. DISCLAIMER: Student refunds might (or might not) be less than total (currently approx. 3.5%, as subject to change) in the event that a transaction fee is accessed by PayPal for this refund service.

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    (North Central Texas College, and more) | a representative sample.

    Thank you for being so passionate about what you teach! K.K.

    [My favorite experience was] the revival for musical pursuits that Ive experienced this semester. I have been bored and the world (my world, a very musical one) feels once again alive and bright. I am so excited to again write music. Thank you for your passionate dedication to your students and your work, both academic and musical. I hope to keep in touch and to take (and attend) another of your classes! N.H.

    I enjoyed this class so much! There are so many things I loved that I wont have enough room or time to list them all; . . . useful in so many other areas. Thanks for a great learning experience! C.N.

    I really enjoyed taking this course. It has been my favorite class so far. You are also a great teacher. Thank you for making this class so enjoyable for me. . . . Your teaching and demand for excellence challenges me to do well, not only in this class, but in all of my classes. A.L.

    Your class has been invaluable to my education. I really enjoyed it! I know much more now from these brief era studies than I ever had before. P. W.

    I listened to a bunch of music that [I] would never have listened to if it were not assigned. Thank you! You were an amazing teacher who made this class extremely interesting (and easy to follow). You are awesome! Mark M.

    You have a direct and active teaching style which is different, refreshing. I enjoy this class because you are passionate about music and thus make me and hopefully other students interested. . . . More than anything I enjoyed the style in which you teached [sic] and the knowledge you contained on the subject. Thank you for opening me to new realms of musical discovery. Matthew M.

    "I really enjoyed the way you engaged all students into each minute of the classwork. || Your teaching style is fabulous. I enjoyed the way you engaged every student in each second of your lecture which is very rare in my other classes. Ive gained a lot in all the information that Ive received in this class. Hope I get the opportunity to take more music theory in future. G.N.

    "I love how enthusiastic you get when you teach the material. K.R.

    "I would like to [will!] change my major to music. This class has given me a different way to perceive everyday situations. R.R.

    I honestly loved everything taught in class. This class though it was the most difficult for me was my favorite, thank you. I would love to learn more, when I have the money and time, taking this class [again] to soak up more facts would be fun! || I think this class has made me a well-rounded individual, I just feel more informed. There was something about each style period that amazed me. Actually going to an opera had to be one of my favorites. I am happy that I have taken this class. (The piano is something I have tried to do for years but . . . until now I thought that I was too old to try for it again, but having taken this class, I think I will go for it one more time.) V.S.

    I enjoyed the class thoroughly. . . . . The whole class was very fun and interesting. This is one of my favorite classes. M.B.

    I enjoyed the class! This class was everything I had hoped it would be. E.L.

    "I like how you care about your students unlike most college teachers. R.P.

    The whole class was very informative and I enjoyed it! J.S.

    All the activities were great! They all led to learning about something for the passion of music. Thank you for all your support and encouragement! All [the] information has opened my eyes . . . The emotion touches my heart. . . . I could relate to a lot of the music with my personal life experiences! || I am very impressed that Dr. Job has taken a personal interest to help me get through the semester. M.S.

    I really want to tell you thank you! I have enjoyed your class this semester. I appreciate your hard work and time put into this class for us. Your passion for music and the history of music has really shown thru your words, examples, and knowledge. . . . . I feel you truly care about each one of us. The information I have received in this class has been very interesting and helpful, I have been exposed to so much from this class that I dont think I would have every known about. . . . . This class has opened my eyes to so much. While I was attending my last concert for extra credit I caught myself paying more attention to the music and noticed as I was reading the program [that] I now know more of the words used. I was really excited! || I have quite a few favorites. . . I enjoyed learning more about the job of a composer and what it takes to be a composer . . . I enjoyed the in-class activities (they kept the class interesting and fun) and the video clips brought into class the opportunity to attend the opera, that was a wonderful experience for me. [All these] are cherished memories that will never be forgotten. Thank you!! S.S.

    I loved the films, I loved the concerts and really, the entire class experience of submerging myself in the history of music. . . . This course has helped me in a number of ways: it has created a place in real time and history for the composers weve discussed. Its given me a wonderful foundation . . . It has expended my appreciation of where the Western world has been and how we have musically evolved. It has opened my understanding of musical form. It has furthered my understanding of the degree of expertise of composers and musicians. K.T.

    This information has helped me by giving me new personal enrichment. L.W.

    You are a good teacher, it is never boring. J.H.

    I appreciate your enthusiasm, dedication, and depth of teaching. E.R.

    This is my FUN class. The only one! R.V.

    Romantic Era lectures and activities - my favorite composer Frederic Chopin was from this era, and I have this class to thank for opening my eyes to his music. --J.A.

    I have learned a lot and have gained a deeper appreciation for how much music affects people on a deep level. J.W.

    I loved the time when we ressurected [sic] some composers, had to write a little about their lives on the board, and had to act them out. Not only was it fun, but it was a great way to learn about the many composers covered in class. . . . Good job teaching this semester! C.B.

    Ive probably learned more in your class than I have in any other course Ive taken at NCTC. I wonder how much more I would have learned in my history classes if you were the professor. You are obviously a very intelligent and talented person and Im glad I got to take your class. Thanks. C.M.

    "Just wanted to say it was a real pleasure. B.R.

    The most interesting part of this class for me was the last day of formal class! For awhile I was wondering how I could apply the knowledge I had gained to the real world, but you showed me exactly how music and life are connected. I would have never thought about it the way you showed us, but now I am very glad I took this class! Today while I was driving to school to take your final I was thinking about how all of the composers are real people. Before I would hear their music and have no idea who they really were or what inspired them. Now I actually know the background of a lot of music and the composers! I truly have gained an appreciation of music. I also really liked how you connected the 3 boxes of Functional/Ritual, Entertainment, and Art! First you have to survive and then you celebrate surviving! That is basically what life is about and you showed me that in a whole new way! Thank You! --N.S.

    It was a fun course and I learned a lot. Probably one of the most interesting instructors I ever had I learned a lot from her. and- This course moved really fast. I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for a great informative class. T.R.

    You are a great teacher and you really know what your [sic] talking about. . . . I have had really [sic] good time being in your class. Thank you. A.S.

    I liked taking your class and I hope you continue to teach. D.S.

    I liked all of it. NO, I loved it. This class has changed my perspective on music and life in general dramatically. THANK YOU! and- I greatly respect the passion for teaching that you have. N.W.

    Without this class I dont think I would have ever looked at music as I do now. I thank you for raising my appreciation of music and by the way, you are a great professor. B.M.

    There was never a boring day. We didnt come in every day and do the same thing. It was always an adventure. And the class was interactive. --N.M.

    Ive never had a class that was taught with such passion before. Very cool. A.M.

    "This is my second year in college, and this class was the only one so far that I enjoyed. Thanks. --M.H.

    I would like to keep in touch as I do plan on directing films and knowing a composer would be nice. (I did look you up, you have a lot of good music.) J.D.

    [My favorite was] everything. I cannot even thank you for the amount of information I have received. Very well-taught class, thank you again! N.C.

    I had fun and learned a lot! - E.C.

    I think it is very interesting having a music professor that enjoys music for a passion. I learned more because Dr. Job new [sic] about music in detail! Thank you for a wonderful semester! E.W.

    1992 Malcolm Baldridge Quality Manufacturing Award - Texas Instruments (Defense Systems)
    11 years executive manager and owner, Buckthorn Studios (overseeing 4 divisions)
    Founder, Terebinth House: Independent Labors & Missions
    7 years managing public concerts and stages at UNT College of Music
    10 Annual ASCAP Cash Awards in Composition | International Royalties since 2004
    CMS Board of Directors (South-Central) & National Advisory Committee for Composition

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