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" About Lynn Job " by Antony Corcoran ( = 1-page PDF, 2015)

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Born in South Dakota, U.S.A.

Lynn Job (pronounced with a long "o") (b. 1959), is an American woman composer, poet, publisher, scholar and thespian born on the great plains of South Dakota with an active commissions roster. Her performances are surveyed by the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP) and she publishes through Buckthorn Music Press "New Music for Concert and Broadcast," an elected member of the Music Publishers Association of the United States.

Lynn Job produces works in a wide range of new classical and soundscape genres, both acoustic and electronic, traditional concert and modern media.

Click here for reviews.

Dr. Job is an independent emerging composer, represented by Buckthorn Studios "New Creations in Music, Literature and Performance," with many professional societal affiliations often seen at national and international academic conferences and residencies. See a paragraph of venues and ensembles | here |.

She graduated from California State University Fullerton and finished her graduate studies at the University of North Texas College of Music spending summers touring and working in Eurasia. She also served in the U. S. Army Reserves Signal Corps during the Persian Gulf War and was a full-time professional radar logistician for over 10 years.

A good summary bio article comes out annually by Antony Corcoran - see it in PDF here.

Most of Job's 100+ music titles to date are large-scale pseudo-mystic works with pre-compositional designs that required years of background research which interest musicologists, theorists and theologians.

Acting on her passion for adventure, Job found artifacts for the Israel Museum, Jerusalem as a member of the 1989 Judean Desert Exploration and Excavation Project at the Dead Sea (Cave 37) (published in Biblical Archaeology Review). This Qumran expedition experience still informs and inspires much of her creative work, including her largest work-in-progress, publishing in sections, "ELATIO: Praises & Prophecies" (tenor & contralto soloists, men's & women's choruses, & reduced orchestra featuring celesta and vibraphone). Recent work drawing on this programmatic background is "Anchored in Perath: an apocalypse" (BMP no. 88, 2006) - a graphic score for solo organ (18x24-inch color poster, signed, limited edition) featured in Notations21 - an anthology of innovative musical notation (New York: Mark Batty Publisher, Theresa Sauer, ed., Sept. 2008).

When not using ancient texts, Dr. Job often integrates her own original poetry into her scores which imposes programmatic form into the composition. Such occurs in the recent BMP no. 88 title above. (Ref: read her invited publication in Living Music Journal (Vol. 21, no. 1, Spring 2006, ed. Carson Cooman), "Cups with Saucers: Impressionistic Strata Within Job's Mixed Poetics."

An active writer, Lynn Job was poet-in-residence in County Clare, Ireland (April, 1999): a month at Salmon Publishing by the Cliffs of Moher (published 2001 by the U. of Mary Hardin-Baylor) traveling and meeting many of Ireland's finest poets at the Tinity College Dublin Symposium "The Muse and the Mirror," later particpating in the 2002 "Teaching Poetry: a symposium for poets & teachers" in Santa Rosa, California with NEA Chair, Dana Gioia.

Since 2001 this composer continues to win awards from the New Music USA, ASCAP (15 annual cash awards in concert/symphonic since 2001), and from other institutions and is chosen for publication across various disciplines. She recently served on the College Music Society National Advisory Committee for Composition and chaired the composition selections for the CMS 2007 Thailand International Symposium, among other opportunites. For lighter work, she has had several commissions in new musical theater (Dallas, TX and Westminster, CA) and performed/stage directed multiple seasons for Denton Community Theatre.

May, 2001 Lynn Job assisted multi-national exchange students at the Taiwan College of Arts in Taipei/Panchiao, Taiwan studying Chinese folk instruments and culture to provide a means to research her own recent orchestral works. 2000-2007 she worked full-time in administration at the College of Music, University of North Texas. Since 2006-2008, she served as adjunct instructor (in pool) for music appreciation where she lectured 2007-2008 at North Central Texas College, Corinth, and, she serves as Executive Director at Buckthorn Studios / owner of Buckthorn Music Press.

See current music commissions and requested writing projects | here |
For details about her exciting work as a Messianic poet, click | here |.

The Buckthorn Music Press sales catalog is updated monthly for printout in PDF format. Click here.

Much more! such as a full vita ( here (PDF) ), works in progress, her upcoming appearances schedule, performances and credits, are all on this website.

Among other places, her music can be best searched by keywords, by instrumentation, and can be sorted by several methods on-line at the composer pages of New Music USA (New York City), and, The National Association of Composers (Los Angeles).

She currently makes her home in the North Texas metroplex.


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Vita (.pdf)

Qumran, Israel (photo: Lynn Job rappels in Wadi Qumran, Israel | 1989)

- Present -

Owner/ Managing Director, Buckthorn Studios (SM) =
Music Press | Books | Records | Education Services

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- Volunteer -

4 years cummulative in community/regional theater productions.
5 years in the field of training civil preparedness response.
6 years cummulative in College Music Society boards & committees.
14 years cummulative hosting/leading/assisting weekly small group Tanak/Chumash (Bible) studies.
33 years coaching & performing college-level academic music projects (visiting guest composer).
1 month on-site adjunct professor (for American exchange), National Taiwan College of Arts (Pancheao/Taipei, China).
1 month on-site Writer-in-Residence, poetry (Salmon Publishing, County Clare, Ireland).
1 month on-site biblical archaeology team member (Cave 37, Qumran/Ein Feshka, Israel).
1 month on-site Au pair for French study | service to Cmte Jacques des Grille estate (Montmoreau, France).

- Past -

1.5 years teaching community college core curriculum (fine arts: Music Appreciation), State of Texas Higher Education transferable credits (North Central Texas College).
5.5 years Patient Satisfaction, Emergency Physician Support, PSR Division (Intermedix).
over 6.5 years Concerts & Reservations Office, College of Music (University of North Texas).
over 10 years as a lead engineering radar logistician (SOLE, Society of Logistics Engineers) (TI Systems/Raytheon radar equipment).
15 years cumulative technical publications (Texas Instruments and Hughes Aircraft).
12 years combined in the U.S. Army Reserve (Signal Corps, Public Affairs, Distance Learning Education), and, the Texas State Guard (Military Police) both commissioned and non-commissioned.


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