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Lynn Job has many works on tour now by Vox Novus 60x60 Project (NYC) with many international published project reviews.
Those include her work within the shows as a whole. Refer to the producer's archive: |Reviews |

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  • Berlington, Vermont, USA | December 31, 2014

    "Lynn is a dedicated composer and publisher who brings a high level of public awareness to her publications. She is committed to meeting deadlines and providing creative material with strong imagination as well as that rare quality for artists, the ability to be on time. She is articulate and highly motivated to create and present music and she is committed to the field to the advantage of herself, her clients, and others in her field."
    -- Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, Senior Editor and Composer, maltedMedia and Westleaf Editions

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  • New York, New York | The American Organist, October 2013 (p. 75-76)

    The American Organist, reviewer Mr. James Hildreth: CD Jatamansi Due Solisti (Kathleen Scheided, organ, Zofie Vokalkova, flute) (2013: Raven, OAR-922, 58 minutes). Quoted in part: "These two fine musicians bring their estimable skills together to present higly integrated performances of little known but substantial 20th- 21st-century repertoire from Czechoslovakia, the United States, and Switzerland. [Lynn Job's] House of Jatamansi, commissioned by Due Solisti, is a six-part tableau that alternates narration and . . . [the] evocative music follows the narrative (sonorously spoken by lyric baritone John Cook) describing the progression of events through the evening: Twilight, Moonsong, Reverie. . . . The entire program (CD) is a fascinating exploration of variety of intreatment of modern tonality and musical style. Each of the works successfully yokes the two instruments, treating them as equals. . . .These rarely heard works will provide pleasurable listening, and attractive ideas for those seeking new "organ plus" repertoire."
    -- Mr. James Hildreth, CD Reviews, The American Organist

  • Cincinnati, Ohio | American Record Guide, September/October 2013 (p. 244-245)

    American Record Guide reviewer Mr. Todd Gorman: CD Jatamansi Due Solisti (Kathleen Scheided, organ, Zofie Vokalkova, flute) (2013: Raven, OAR-922, 58 minutes). Quoted in part: " It is not common to get programs of music for flute and organ. This release has original music that will be new to anyone. The performances by Czech flutist Zofie Vokalkova and American organist Kathleen Scheide are impeccable, and the sound is luscious. I found value in these selections that I believe flutists and organists would appreciate. . . . The three movements of Lynn Job's House of Jatamansi are introduced with narration. Job's style [here] is tonal and simple but appealing, and the pieces are not too long or too demanding to be welcome in a church service. The basis for the work is the story on John 12:1-8 of Jesus at the house of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. . . ." [this review discusses each piece on the CD, including the world premiere recording of the Polish holocaust victim, Yen Barabas.]
    -- Mr. Todd Gorman, CD Reviews, American Record Guide

  • Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA | March 14, 2013

    Review: CD Jatamansi Due Solisti (Kathleen Scheided, organ, Zofie Vokalkova, flute) (2013: Raven, OAR-922). Quoted in part: "I enjoyed hearing the music. Both performers are abviously very fine musicians. With House of Jatamansi, I'd frankly prefer it without the readings breaking up the music--I'd rather just have them printed in the program as needed. I particularly like the 3rd movement. I hope that the CD release leads to some good attention for your fine music." [NOTE: The score and parts make the readings optional elements for performance or audience programs. The readings on this CD were commissioned specifically for this CD, written by the composer, Lynn Job.]
    -- Carson Cooman, Composer-in-residence, Harvard Memorial Church

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  • Bucharest, Romania | December 1, 2012

    "Congratulations for your so marvellous music!!! - with all my heart!" " | Response to programming of Lynn Job's Bones Release (first track) (60x60 2012 Presenter's Mix), (2:00 p.m. Wednesday, December 5, 2012).
    -- Serban Nichifor, PhD, Professor of Music, University of Romania, Bucharest

  • Boston, Massachusetts | November 14, 2012

    "I had a great time sharing this music [The Sixth Night, a commissioned lullaby for solo classical guitar] with Peter Janson's Intro to Music class. Hopefully it is the beginning of a great journey for them!" [Aaron Larget-Caplan Lecture/Recital 1/13/2012, UMassBoston] "Excellent performance, Aaron," Peter Janson! "A pleasure! The lullabies are a nice way to introduce new music to people of all ages and backgrounds," Aaron Larget-Caplan. | Responses to lecture/recital including the music of Lynn Job.
    -- Aaron Larget-Caplan (commissioning guitarist and faculty) and Peter Janson, Sr. Lecturer | University of Massachusetts Boston

  • Charlotte, North Carolina | November 10, 2012

    "Wow, so very proud of you! Thanks so much for sharing this Lynn...what an honor and so well deserved for all the years you have produced these wonderful creations. " | Response to promos for the programming of Lynn Job's 2-part Invention in F-minor, (4:00 p.m. Saturday, November 10, 2012) (Carson Cooman at the organ) selected music in the memorial for Dr. Frank Moore Cross [Bible scholar and Dead Sea Scrolls translator] at Harvard Memorial Church.
    -- James D. Tabor, PhD, Religious Studies Professor, Archaeologist and Author

  • Hollywood, California | November 10, 2012

    "This will be a beautiful tribute to this important Biblical scholar, Lynn! Thank you for lending your wonderful music to this tribute. " | Response to promos for the programming of Lynn Job's 2-part Invention in F-minor, (4:00 p.m. Saturday, November 10, 2012) (Carson Cooman at the organ) selected music in the memorial for Dr. Frank Moore Cross [Bible scholar and Dead Sea Scrolls translator] at Harvard Memorial Church.
    -- Carol Worthey, composer, painter, writer | owner, Worth Gold Music

  • Raleigh, North Carolina | September 18, 2012

    "Dr. Rodney Waschka, director of the Arts Studies Program at NC State University, pointed out that the program directed by Robert Voisey [New York] is a mix sure to delight...they [the pieces] all passed the scrupulous test of a [broadcast] selection panel. Beginning with Lynn Job's moving "Bones Release" each of the evening's selections represent a unique piece of the contemporary electronic music world. " | Review. First concert of the season "Arts Now Series," NCSU (9/18/2012, 7:00 p.m). World premiere of 60x60 (2012 Presenter's Mix), produced by Robert Voisey (Vox Novus, NYC).
    -- Karen E. Moorman, reviewer, CVNC, the On-line Arts Journal, Contemporary Music Review

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  • Boston, Massachusetts | June 2, 2011

    "Absolutely beautiful piece [The Sixth Night] by Lynn Job, exquisitely played by Aaron Larget-Caplan, who intrepidly braved the storms last night to present a concert in Boston. " | Review of the June 1, 2011 concert performance at St. John the Evangelist Church, Beacon Hill, Boston, MA
    -- Laura Finkelstein, publicist, The Concord Band & Trio Cordefiato

  • Denton, Texas | November, 2011

    "What a beautiful lullaby. [The Sixth Night by Lynn Job, solo guitarist Aaron Larget-Caplan] In the midst of a busy day, I found myself relaxing and sinking back into my chair as I listened to it. " | Review. June 1, 2011 concert performance, St. John the Evangelist Church, Beacon Hill, Boston, MA (on YouTube)
    -- Jeff Fairchild, Executive Pastor, New Life Church Denton

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  • Provincetown, Massachusetts (Cape Cod) | September 28, 2010

    "Wow!! That was really lovely, really beautiful!! Wow!" | at the live broadcast performance (2:00 p.m.) of The Sixth Night, guitarist Aaron Larget-Caplan | Buy CD
    -- Canary Burton, host of "The Latest Score," | Outermost Radio WOMR, FM 92.1 (Cape Cod, Provincetown, MA, Public Radio) / WFMR, FM 91.3 (Hyanus, MA, Public Radio)

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  • Canton, South Dakota/Luther College, Iowa | August 16, 2009

    "Lake House Letter [electronica] is simply delightful! I love how you cultivated the nature sounds into the music...very unique and it really adds to the overall texture of sound! I am looking forward to playing a piece of yours someday....it would be my honor!
    P.S. - I LOVE your Arcangelo Red [violin] and Jesu nostra redemptio [choir] . . . beautiful music!"
    -- oboist Mason Tran (Middle School Instructor of woodwinds & brass) South Dakota Youth Symphony (past soloist member) / Luther College Freshman

  • Missoula, Montana | January 23, 2009

    "Dear Professor Job, . . . please accept our [College Music Society] thanks and appreciation for your many contributions as a member of the Advisory Commitee for Composition. It is with your valued ideas and committed efforts that the Society has been able to move forward its goals and advance the profession. Your membership on this committee has been instrumental in these endeavors. The past two years have been extremely significant . . . Through your efforts CMS continues to contribute effectively to the lives of its members in new and creative ways. Your committee successfully accomplished a great deal on behalf of the Society. Thank you and congratulations on a job well done."
    -- President Kathleen Lamkin, College Music Society

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  • Austin, Texas | December 15, 2008

    "Viola By Choice does everything a classical music group should be doing in the 21st century. And what is that? Offering smart and alluring programs that feed the brain and the soul — and do so with polished, enthusiastic musicianship.
    ... Next [1/23/2009] ... Viola By Choice takes on new compositions and world premiere pieces [Arcangelo Red for viola]. Be prepared to be surprised and enlightened.
    -- Jeanne Claire van Ryzin, Arts Critic (Austin American-Statesman | Austin360.com)

  • Prague, Czech Republic | September 30, 2008

    "Jatamansi [that is "House of Jatamansi" - 3-part fantasy for solo flute and organ] was very popular -- Zofie [Vokalkova] read the Bible story, and people really related to it. They asked us back to Jacob's Ladder -- any time. Thanks again for the piece!!!" [- world premiere. Opening concert: International Season Tour, "Due Solisti" (Scheide and Vokalkova) | Church of St. Jakob's Ladder]
    -- organist Dr. Kathleen Scheide, commissioner

  • Austin, Texas | September 19, 2008

    "Arcangelo Red has become my favorite solo viola work. It's eerie, beautiful, lyrical, deep and just a great treat to play. Thanks again so much for this really valuable addition to the viola repertoire.
    -- violist Dr. Aurélien Pétillot (VIOLA BY CHOICE, Inc.)

  • Brooklyn, New York | September 6, 2008

    From a November 2, 2008 press release: "60x60 Dance was performed to the Evolution Mix [II] at Galapagos [Art Space] in Brooklyn . . . It was a hit! Galapagos was great. The dancers were tremendous. The music was fabulous. **The event was beyond compare to all our other shows.** [NOTE: this music mix included Lynn Job's piece: "Blue Sand"]
    -- Robert Voisey, Artistic Director | Vox Novus

  • Kirkland, Washington | August 18, 2008

    Abstractly Evocative: "What is more compelling and persuasive? Something that is concrete and clear like the typical "head shot" photo or something that demands that you tease out its meaning? . . . particularly interesting is "Anchored in Perath," a musical score based on the Apocalypse: [http://www.buckthornstudios.com/shop1.html]. Part of my questions then roam to whether God is at times "abstractly evocative" in his communication with me/us. Are the Gospels a "head shot" of Jesus or are they "abstractly evocative?" (cf. John 1:1 "In the beginning was the word...")
    -- Craig Mathison | Blog/"Posterus"

  • Long Island, New York | June 7, 2008

    "The response was extremely positive. . . . At least half [the audience] . . . came up to me to express their enthusiasm over the music . . . . The program administrator at the hall was also very impressed." [Job's Blue Grave's Rising and others, June 5, The Hewlett-Woodmere Library] "Long Island Composers Alliance and NACUSA Texas" presents - New Piano Music from New York and Texas
    -- composer Dana Richardson, presenter

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  • Paris, France | April 16, 2007

    "Dear Ms. Lynn Job,
    "I am 17 years old and music is my passion. I'm discovering your work, and I'm writing to you to express my admiration and my enthusiasm for your musical way and for your compositions, your creations -- I find them wonderful. I would be very happy to have your autograph on the small card I'm sending you, please! Thank you very much. Sincerely, [S.L.]"

  • NYC, New York | June 11, 2007

    "Great meeting you at the MPA [Music Publishers' Association] convention Friday [at The Princeton Club, Manhattan]. . . . I just saw your website and the wonderful [graphic] organ piece, "Anchored in Perath." I have been in this business for 30 years, and have never seen anything so lovely. . . I will ask . . . about adding an extra category in the Paul Revere Awards for such extraordinary works [as this]."
    -- Randa Kirshbaum | composer/orchestrator/music typesetter - MPA Paul Revere Juror

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  • Boston, Massachusetts | November 24, 2006

    "The piece was exceptionally well received." [Job's Anchored in Perath: an apocalypse | November 19, The Mission Church] "Music at Mission" presents - Bunbury and Cooman - New Music Organ Recital
    -- staff, Harvard Memorial Church

  • NYC, New York | October 29, 2006

    "The Concert Season has begun! We have already had the first premiere of our 60x60 Midwest Minutes concert at the EMM Festival which was a huge success." [containing Chariot (Q2) by Job]
    -- Robert Voisey | Founder, Vox Novus

  • Rome, Italy | October 27, 2006

    "Thanks for your article in Living Music [Journal] [Spring 2006]. I thought it was very well written and quite thought provoking."
    -- Dr. Charles Norman Mason | Rome Prize

  • Denton, Texas | October 13, 2006

    "Dear Lynn: Congratulations on being named a recipient of the 2006-2007 American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers Award - Concert Music Division. It gives me great pleasure to learn of your prestigious honor, and to know that the University of North Texas was represented in such an impressive fashion. I would also like to extend my appreciation to you for your service and dedication to UNT. On behalf of the University community, I commend you for your achievement and wish you continued success."
    -- Dr. Gretchen M. Bataille | President, UNT

  • Dallas, Texas | October 11, 2006

    "I have listened to Arcangelo [Red]. It is a delightful piece played superbly [violinist Stepháne Tran Ngoc]. . . . I will certainly consider it for a performance."
    -- Emmanuel Borok | Concert Master, Dallas Symphony Orchestra

  • Denton, Texas | October 10, 2006

    "Thank you for your presentations at the College of Music's Career Night! Student evaluations were absolutely glowing and we sincerely appreciate your time and energy in presenting to our students. The sharing of your enthusiasm and knowledge are [sic] a real inspiration. Thank you again and best wishes!"
    -- Advising Office | UNT College of Music

  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania | February 21, 2006

    "Through the many piles of new scores I see very year, I have never encountered a finer American composer of works for solo unaccompanied instruments than Lynn Job. Though Job has distinguished herself through a catalogue of compositions ranging from the very largest scale to the very smallest, she continues to make personal and tremendously compelling statements through the intensely difficult medium of unaccompanied solos. These are works to treasure."
    -- Carson Cooman | Editor, Living Music Journal

  • Albany, New York | February 9, 2006

    "60x60 [a Vox Novus production] showcases a wealth of brief, contemporary compositions. There are no live performances, so you can't really call it a concert. Maybe it would better be described as a listening party. ... It's like a Whitman's sampler of the contemporary new music scene. Or as the Village Voice described it, 'It's like channel surfing through experimental music.'"
    -- Greg Haymes, Sound Sampler | Times Union

  • Sioux Falls, South Dakota | January 16, 2006

    "I wanted to praise your clarinet work, Theme and Variations. Thank you for writing for our young musicians. [It] is something I can offer my clarinet students that will broaden their repertoire and yet introduce them to the freedoms of artistic interpretation!"
    -- Egan Studios

  • Appleton, Wisconsin | January 13, 2006

    "The Lawrence faculty, in a marathon extravaganza Sunday afternoon [1/8/06], presented a Concert for Humanity in an effort to raise awareness and funds for the many disasters that have befallen humankind in recent months. . . . simply beautiful and reflective -- Stephane Tran Ngoc's performance of Lynn Job's "UArcangelo Red." . . . How appropriate it is to use a concert of noble and beautiful music to encourage that noble and beautiful human endeavor: caring for humanity."
    -- Amelia Perron | The Lawrentian

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  • New Jersey | January, 2005

    "Lynn Job writes profoundly spiritual music, beautiful to listen to. Her ELATIO: Praises and Prophecies is a major oratorio, with texts taken from the Dead Sea Scrolls. Serengeti Supper for alto sax and sound track is one of her many recently performed pieces. (I'm happy to be one of Lynn's faith partners.) . . . If you're in a position to do so maybe even order or commission something! Expect something wonderful!"
    -- William Vollinger, composer | Christian Fellowship of Art Music Composers

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  • Texas | August 30, 2004

    "Woods Walker is pure magic!" [marimba & soundtrack]
    -- Prof. Christopher Deane | Percussive Arts Society

  • Rochester, New York | June 17, 2004

    "Lynn Job's 'Yeshua, Our Dedication' [SATB & soprano recorder/flute, 2004] is a much welcome addition to the repertory of contemporary Christmas carols. In a season that is often dominated by music of weak sentimentality, Job's carol is a sophisticated yet accessible offering which any sacred choral director should examine to consider adding to Christmas concerts or worship services."
    -- Carson Cooman | Member, Hymn Society in the United States and Canada

  • University of North Texas, Denton | Summer, 2004

    [Duetto Maduro, commissioned by Julia Bushkova, for 2 violins] "Another great work and a fine performance [world premiere by professional violinists Julia Bushkova and Lisamarie Vana]! Thanks for sharing it with me."
    -- Dr. George Papich | Center for Chamber Music Studies

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  • Jersey City, New Jersey | December 8, 2003

    "Serengeti Supper is quite a work [alto sax. & soundtrack]! Rick Fontaine had a terrific experience learning and performing [it], and this was crowned by having the opportunity to work with you ahead of time." [The New Jersey City University/Sigma Alpha Iota Women Composers' Showcase, November 22, 2003]
    -- Dr. Janice Van Alen | Showcase Moderator

  • Baylor University | July 10, 2003

    "Lynn, . . . [your "Armiger's Gate" (solo viola)] will be featured on an upcoming broadcast of "Music at Baylor" which airs on the local NPR station [KWBU, Mondays 7p-8p & Saturdays 2p-3p]. Continue to keep me posted on any [of your] future works which feature the viola. ** I very much enjoyed performing your piece [for the College Music Society] and may include it on a recital next year. . ."
    -- Dr. Kathryn Steely | Editor, Journal of the American Viola Society

  • Dallas, Texas | May 30, 2003

    ". . . give me an opportunity to perform a major orchestral work of yours. You are an extremely gifted composer. I admire you and feel you are most deserving . . . I sincerely hope that we will have a first performance of your work [Richardson Symphony]."
    -- Maestro Anshel Brusilow

  • Indiana University South Bend | February 27, 2003

    "I have received positive comments about your piece ["Shadow's Pipe" for solo flute], so I think it is going to be well-received by the flute community and beyond. Non-flutists and non-musicians who were there enjoyed it equally." (recital tour with "Shadow's Pipe")
    -- Rebecca Hovan | Emerson Flute Artist/Clinician

  • to the Journal of the American Viola Society
    February 23, 2003 (letter)

    "I recently heard a performance of Lynn Job's "Armiger's Gate" for solo viola and I was taken by the beauty of the work. It is a lyric piece that has great depth. It is also a composition that offers a musical challenge (because of its beauty) while lying well under the hand. I have taught viola at the University of North Texas for 33 years and have had the opportunity to perform many 20th century works. This piece would be a positive addition to our repertoire."
    -- Dr. George Papich | Center for Chamber Music Studies

  • Washington, D.C. | February 11, 2003

    "I want to thank you again for writing "Raphael-intercession" [solo trumpet] for me. It was a great honor to premiere your work, and, to get a chance to hear some of your other music." (the Jubilantly Job! Music Festival)
    -- Dr. Susan Rider | solo trumpeter, "The President's Own" U.S. Marine Band

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  • from a personal letter
    Sonoma County, California | November 18, 2002

    ". . . I was also greatly smitten by the opening line(s) of your "Wayfarer." [a 6-part poem in manuscript, WAYFARER: Six Degrees of an Abandoned Soul] They are a beautiful, ritual opening."
    -- Dana Gioia | poet, critic, & Chairman, National Endowment for the Arts

  • KNTU Radio | October 27, 2002

    "I love your new piece "Serengeti Supper" [alto sax. & CD]. Each time I hear it, I get a new sense of the poem, taste, touch, smell, the sites and sounds. It's a wonderful light, brief journey into Africa. What a great piece!"
    -- Janice Beauford

  • Rochester, New York | August 7, 2002

    "'Iron Horse Nocturne: of salt and grapes . . .' [organ] is a lovely piece full of zest and life-affirming spirit. Highly useful either in recital context, or as a joyous "sending forth" postlude for a worship service."
    -- Carson Cooman, composer/organist

  • Trinity University, San Antonio | February 25, 2002

    "Congratulations on the upcoming recording of "What Am I?." It is a wonderful piece [Fragment 11 from "ELATIO: Praises and Prophecies," a solo air for contralto with flute, horn & piano], the text is sensitively set, and the music is moving and luscious and it deserves to be heard. Please let me know when it is done, and how I can get a copy. Kudos to you!"
    -- Kimberlyn Montford, Ph.D. | Assistant Prof. of Music History

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  • Center for Schenkerian Studies | October 15, 2001

    "Lynn Job is a deep composer of great potential in sacred metaphor and musical myth--a new voice bursting into the world's soulscape."
    -- Timothy L. Jackson, Ph.D.

  • Panchiao/Taipei, Taiwan, ROC | June 15, 2001

    "I have checked your web site to listen to "Eulogy for St. John" [12 trumpets]. I think it is marvelous. Only "divinely ethereal" can describe it."
    -- Teresa Tang | Assoc. Prof. of Dance, National Taiwan College of Arts

  • Hoboken, NJ | June 12, 2001

    "I just downloaded some pages of "Apostrophe to Zion." [Your site] is an excellent vehicle for your many gifts and accomplishments. I congratulate you as well on your compositional craft. I wanted you to know that I am impressed by what I have seen: I'm convinced you are the real thing. I will be honored to help you realize some high-quality recordings at one of the European facilities where I frequently record--which will not only help you find performances but also be the basis for a commercial CD of your work."
    -- Joel Suben, conductor/composer | Save the Music, Inc.

  • University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond | March 27, 2001

    "Lynn Job is a skilled composer of music that is both expressive and powerful. The performers enjoyed playing it and the audience was strongly moved. The music is well crafted and works well for the performer. The spiritual depth, values, and integrity of the composer are reflected in the music."
    -- Dr. James L. Klages | UCO Trumpet Choir, dir.

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  • Denton Community Theatre | May 12, 2000

    "We are proud to introduce some new elements to this old classic [Bus Stop]. Two talented musicians involved in this production each wrote an original song for the show. This will be the premiere for Lynn Job's "YOU" and Mike Strecher's "Virgil's Song." I have been very fortunate to work with such a talented and hard working cast and crew. My hat is off to all of you!"
    -- Doug Woods | Dir., Bus Stop

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  • University of North Texas | May 11, 1999

    "In my experience with Lynn I have found her to be intelligent, engaging, and amiable. Those works of hers that I have heard and seen are first-rate."
    -- Dr. Jeffrey Snider | Chair, Div. of Vocal Studies

  • University of North Texas | May 10, 1999

    "This past spring, when I read Dr. Job's dissertation essay and looked through the score of the several sections of her composition, ELATIO: Praises and Prophecies, I was not only impressed with the document because of its complexity and beauty, but I also thought it unfortunate that we don't have a dissertation award for which composers are eligible. . . . Dr. Job is a person of remarkable breadth of intellect. . . . She has my highest respect and endorsement as a creative scholar."
    -- Julian Long, ret. | Graduate Reader, Robert B. Toulouse School of Graduate Studies & Asst. Prof. for Creative Writing, College of Arts and Sciences

  • Meadows School of the Arts, Southern Methodist University | May 10, 1999

    "I contacted her on the recommendation of my colleague here at SMU, Dr. Robert J. Frank (in reference to the Boomerangst commission, sic) . . . I listened to many short and extensive works that Lynn composed over the past ten years and was stunned by the quality and breadth of her work. In addition to her artistic skills as a composer, I found Lynn extremely organized and hardworking. . . . her insightful, thought provoking questions inspired me to work at even a higher level. This quality made me think that she would also be a wonderful teacher as well as collaborator."
    -- Sara J. Romersberger | Assistant Prof. of Movement, Division of Theatre

    Any who has been witness to a product, attribute, or performance/lecture/appearance by Lynn Job which you feel warrants your commendation, please feel free to submit text which will be respectfully added to the comments above. (Some measure of compression editing may be required; the cited author always has final review authority.)

    SPEAK! to record your reviews ==> Studio phone (USA) 940-566-0315; or, write a review: "info -at- buckthornstudios.com"
    All the associates at Buckthorn Studios (SM) thank you in advance for your generosity.

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