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Beginning Guitar and Musicianship

Musician Angel
"Musician Angel" (1520) by Rosso Fiorentino (b. 1494, d. 1540)

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Lynn Job - Doctor of Musical Arts

North Texas Metroplex

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private students (all levels)

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Beginning Guitar and Musicianship

~ with your guitar, in your home ~

| syllabus (.pdf) |

"The total musician"
- comprehensive education and refinement -

(minors require a guardian on-site)

  • "Basic Musicianship" as offered assumes no prior experience.
  • Mid-level musicians can be accommodated, too.
  • Note: advanced musicians, ref.: Option #3.


  • All students receive a customized music course, tailored to each.
  • Classic mentoring - the personal touch, one-on-one coaching and fun.
  • Variety of lesson formats, including media and optional field trips.
  • Concern for the total student progression: balance and maturity.
  • Instructor is smoke-free, drug-free: great personal references.
  • Economy of materials, good value | Focused attention.
  • Assistance in placement with advanced instructors.


  • Health: calm your nervous tension, improve circulation & muscle tone.
  • Learn to: decipher (and sing!) music notation along with playing piano.
  • Create smooth, artful gestures and gain physical confidence and poise.
  • Master global arts concepts, historical/cultural relevance.
  • Improve posture and hand/eye control.
  • Gain new vocabulary and social grace.
  • Entertain yourself and others.
  • Improve brain function.

  • Special Note: Private study with a composer is rare,
    it offers a fresh and more comprehensive approach to beginning musicianship
    than the standard course.
    There is a real difference, and the difference is a life-long advantage.
    | student comments |
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    GUITAR - expertise

    Lynn Job is a commissioned composer (2009) for professional solo classical guitarist
    Aaron Larget-Caplan and his International New Lullaby Project (Boston-based).
    A commercial release CD including her lullaby "The Sixth Night" is recorded and due out in 2010.
    The live concert premiere was held at Harvard Memorial Church, Pusey Room, September 25, 2009.
    The accompanying printed anthology is due 2011.
    She also published "YOU," (a country love ballad) with original words and music for use
    on stage at Denton Community Theatre within the play
    "Bus Stop" -- the character "Virgil" on guitar accompanying the character "Cherie" --
    coached by the composer who was the Music Supervisor and Stage Manager.
    Lynn Job has written for and performed on guitar since 1975.

    INSTRUMENTS - various

    Lynn Job began her childhood music training on the song flute
    (while watching her parents in dance band rehearsals), then sequentially receiving applied
    instruction in clarinet, choir, autoharp, piano, Western theory, tenor saxophone,
    pit orchestra, pep band, concert band, marching band, acoustic classical
    guitar, voice, composition, electronics, trumpet, conducting, violin, double bass, and
    finally Chinese percussion, along with course work and requirements
    completing 3 U.S. university music degrees: the Bachelor of Music,
    the Master of Music, the Doctor of Musical Arts.
    For much more, click to her vita, or biography.

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    Instructor Fee --- $25 = 1/2 hour | $30 = 3/4 hour | $40 = hour

    Add Travel Fee
    (as from Denton Courthouse-on-the-Square to your home):
    $5 = 3-5 miles | $7.50 = 5-8 miles | $10 = 8+ miles


    1. CASH ==> Exact change, remit on site.

    2. CHARGE ==> use button below (add 3.5%).

  • CLICK this "Make a Donation" button above for lesson payments by credit card.
    Write-in your monthly lump-sum payment amount (rate quoted in your lesson contract + 3.5%).
  • Due date = 24 hours before that month's first lesson.
  • The Paypal receipt/bank statement is your lesson payment receipt.
    The receipt will say: "Buckthorn Studios Misc account."
    | Instructor Policy |

  • Student cancellations with less than 24 hours notice result in forfeiture of the total session fee
    and this lesson will not be rescheduled.
  • Student cancellations must be made in writing, addressed to the instructor's e-mail account,
    more than 24 hours in advance of the lesson.
  • Cancelled lesson times are rescheduled by the instructor subject to instructor availability and choice.
  • There are no lesson fee refunds. Missed lessons are made-up, not refunded.

    For extreme circumstances,
    the instructor might voluntarily choose to refund a fee amount (whole or part).
    Such a rare lesson refund might (or might not) be less than the original total paid.
    The non-refundable portion
    (currently approx. 3.5%, subject to change) is retained
    in the event that a transaction fee is assessed by PayPal for charged refund services

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